Birch ash - Cleansing the body from the inside

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Published: 30th July 2010
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The birch can be varied on the body , positive effects unfold . Hildegard von Bingen already knew how to use parts of the birch for ulcers and for better wound healing.

Birch tar has demonstrated a positive effect on the uric acid levels in the blood one and can thus contribute positively in the cure of bladder infections, kidney stones or kidney weakness . The birch ash is a powerful tool when it comes to the cleaning of the blood uric acid levels and its regulation.

The birch ash ( Birkenasche ) is annually produced in summer. The process starts in winter with birch wood and by the summer dried into Birch Ash. The subsequent combustion creates a healthy Birch ash, that is totally free of larger particles.

What remains left behind is fine , birch ash in a powdered form. This ash is finally Water mixed. Due to several complex heating process of the ashes, its therapeutic agents are withdrawn and this results in the creation of a highly concentrated extract of birch ash , suitable for a number of applications and therapeutic functions.

Birches used from the north of Lapland have known to be particularly better and it is said to be nutrient rich particularly due to the brightness of the night coupled with the high mineral content of the soil in those areas. This gives birch ash extract its particular effect on the human Organism and ways for it to help cure the various ailments we suffer from.

Birch ash ( Birkenasche ) extract is hailed as one of the best regulatory method for keeping a check on the Uric acid in the body. Moreover, it also cleanses our blood of harmful toxins, which we encounter daily and which are absorbed and stored in our body . These environmental toxins can wreck damage on a long-term basis causing a rise in the number of diseases in our body. Cleansing these toxins helps eliminate one of the most common reasons of organ and tissue damage along with major illnesses. While modern medicine continues to search for better cures, nature in itself has presented us with powerful cures, which if used properly can be highly beneficial.

The birch ash extract thus presents a permanent way of leading a healthy life and ensures a pleasant Well-being of everyone. You too can Increase your fitness and vitality through a targeted birch ash treatment. Feel free to visit our website for more details about Birch Ash and how to purchase high quality Birch Ash online easily.

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